For over 10 years we have been putting our expertise at the service of our customers, providing customised bottling and packaging solutions.

Take a look at the installations and projects we have carried out in Italy and the rest of the world!

2020SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalyInstallation of new belts and supply of necessary equipment and overhauling of pallet unloader
2020LETEPratellaCEItalyElectrical tests required to start-up Krones machinery
2020ANTICHE FONTI DI COTTORELLACottorellaRIItalySupply of spare parts and machinery maintenance
2020PONTEVECCHIOLuserna S. GiovanniTOItalySupply of industrial PC for data collection and palletizer overhauling
2020GALVANINARiminiRNItalyElectrical measurements on behalf of Krones
2020SACMIImolaBOItalyNecessary exceptional handling and transport and dismantling of 2 PET lines
2020SALOVMassarosaLUItalyOverhauling of Keber palletizer at our KBBITALIA workshop
2020SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalySupply of swinging belt for crates and installation of new elevator in your facility, start-up and various checks (label, ecocaps)
2020SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalyElectrical and mechanical installation and start-up of can line filling machine
2020ACETAIA CREMONINISpilambertoMOItalySupply of labelling machine size group
2020TASSONISalòBSItalyCompletion of parcel conveyor with supply of photocells and supports including mirror
2020SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalySupply of new crater, decrater heads and necessary attached equipment
2020PARMALATParmaPRItalySupply of new pads for customer's labelling machine
2020SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalySupply of inverter for managing dryer and motor-driven crate unloading bench with pallet unloader outfeed belt
2020FONTE MARGHERITATorrebelvicinoVIItalyReplacement of PLC from S5 to S7
2020ACQUA SMERALDINATempio di PausaniaOTItalyChanges necessary to inspection units and belts
2020LAURETANA GragliaBIItalyInstallation of new crate washer
2020SAN PELLEGRINOSan Pellegrino termeBGItalyInstallation of new Krones labelling machine with carrying out of necessary tests
2020LETEPratellaCEItalyChanges to bottle conveyor at infeed
2020MANIVABagolino BSItalyInstallation of labelling machine with carrying out of necessary electrical tests
2020AFRICAN FOOD SERVICEBEIRUTLebanonSale of complete second-hand PET oil line
2020BOGNANCO ACQUE MINERALIBognancoVBItalyInstallation of box former and cartoning machine
2020CAMPARINovi LigureALItalyNecessary electrical tests
2020CASTELLINACanistroAQItalyNecessary electrical tests
2020FONTE MARGHERITATorrebelvicinoVIItalySupply of barriers for palletizer, pallet unloader, CPU 314 and diagnostics for remote control
2020SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalyInstallation of ecocaps and bottle belts
2020GALVANINAApecchioPUItalySupply of palletizer and wrapper
2020FERRARELLERiardoCEItalyInstallation of machinery for Krones
2020LA MAMADAKARSenegalWell for water for industrial use
2020NORDACQUEST.PETERSBURGRussiaSecond-hand PE self-adhesive labelling machine (2)
2020SANTA ROMA EGERIARomaRMItalyRequired electrical tests
2020JUNIKU SH.P.KDECANIKosovoStart-up of glass line
2019TOGNISan CassianoANItalyInstallation and start-up of complete Krones line
2019TASSONISalòBSItalyInstallation of machinery and power automations
2019TERME DI CRODOCrodoVBItalyInstallation and start-up of Krones machinery (can filler)
2019COCA-COLANogaraVRItalyCheckmat movement
2019ACQUA SMERALDINATempio di PausaniaOTItalyFitting inverter in control panel
2019PERONIBariBAItalyInstallation of production machinery (dryer)
2019TOGNISan CassianoANItalyRevamp and installation of palletizers (2)
2019ACETAIA CREMONINISpilambertoMOItalyReorganisation of production lines and sale of Kosme s.r.l. labelling machine
2019SANT’ANNAVinadioCNItalyModification of bottle cap conveyor
2019ACETAIA CREMONINISpilambertoMOItalySupply of equipment for machinery sizes (labelling machine/filler)
2019COCA-COLANogaraVRItalyElectrical installation of aseptic bottling line and cip system on behalf of Krones
2019ACQUA SMERALDINATempio di PausaniaOTItalyConstruction and installation of switch
2019MELONISelargiusCAItalyRevamp of labelling machine and testing
2019SAM ACQUE MINERALISelargiusCAItalyRevamp of labelling machine
2019SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalySupply of labelling machine, and mechanical and electrical installation
2019COCA-COLAMarcianiseCEItalyInstallation of machinery
2019SARAJEVSKIPolonyInstallation, start-up and testing of palletizer
2019SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalyInstallation of glass and can line with subsequent changes
2018PONTEVECCHIO Luserna S. GiovanniTOItalyinstallation, start-up and testing of Krones machinery
2018SORGENTE SANTO STEFANOMontesano SAItalyinstallation, start-up and testing of Krones machinery
2018NORDA MonticchioPZItalyinstallation, start-up and testing of Krones machinery
2018SAN BERNARDOOrmeaCNItalyinstallation, start-up and testing of complete Krones line
2018S.LEONARDOSantu LussurgiuORItalyinstallation, start-up and testing of Krones machinery
2018SAM ACQUE MINERALISelargiusCAItalyinstallation, start-up and testing of complete Krones lines
2018GALVANINARiminiRNItalyCollaboration agreement for bottling lines
2018GAUDIANELLLOMonticchioPZItalyIinstallation, start-up and testing of bottling lines and machinery supply
2018PARMALATPiana di MontevernaCEItalyinstallation of lines on behalf of Krones
2018OLITALIAForlìFCItalyRelocation and installation of new Kosme s.r.l. and Krones machinery
2018CENTRALE DEL LATTEAlessandriaALItalyinstallation, start-up and testing of labelling machine for Kosme s.r.l.
2018SANTA RITA NeGEItalyDismantling, transport and assembly of palletizer and pallet unloader
2018MANIVABagolino BSItalyinstallation of Krones Linatronic and installation, supply of bottle conveyors for Kosme s.r.l.
2018HEINEKENAsseminiCAItalyinstallation of Krones machinery
2018OLITALIAForlìFCItalyRelocation of belts and machinery for the oil line
2018BODEGASCOLOMBIASupply of complete revamped PET line
2017F.lli MartiniItalyInstallation of 2 modular labelling units + 2 cartoning units
2017SPS (Brasserie du Pays Basque)FranceInstallation of Glass line
2017F.lli BrancaArgentinaStart-up of Kosme line
2017AgroservisRussiaInstallation of Kosme bottling line
2017MoniniItalyInstallation of 2 Kosme z weight filling units
2017DiageoItalyInstallation of 11 Checkmat units, Krones
2017Complete revamp and changes for new size changeover on Kosme labelling unit
2017San BernardoItalyLine installation and startup
2017OlitaliaItalyChange to Kosme tip-up unit
2017LauretanaItalyComplete revamp + changes for size changeover on packing machine
2017TavinaItalyNew Touch Panel design and programming
2017LauretanaItalyInstallation and Start-up of Krones Washing Machine
2017PontevecchioItalyInstallation and start-up of Krones line
2017TavinaItalyStart-up of Mectiles line + changes to case palletizing and centering heads
2017Sorgente S. Stefano SPAItalyInstallation of miscellaneous Krones machinery + Krones cap positioner
2017Norda - Monticchio GaudianelloItalyInstallation of Krones machinery
2016VAP KorgiusRodiRodiGreeceInstallation of Kosme PET and soda line (2016-2017)
2016Coca-ColaBollingenSan GalloSwitzerlandComplete dismantling of PET line
2015Brasserie PietraFranceInstallation of Kosme glass line (2015-2017)
2015CIBInstallation of can line
2014EuropoolExisting Belt Conveyor panel integration for NestlŠ for FIFO belt management and removal
2014Fonte IlariaItalyInstallation of complete Krones line
2014FerrarelleItalyInstallation of complete Krones line
2014Coca-ColaMarcianiseCasertaItalyInstallation of 2 blowers and 2 labelling units + air belt conveyors
2014CIBFranceInstallation of Europool bottling line
2013Fonte TocaMonticchio BagniPotenzaItalyInstallation of Dry Part with Evolite prototype and Krones Palletiser + Pallet belt automation
2012Gruppo SAMModicaPozzalloItalyInstallation of Krones filling Block
2012S. LeonardoItalyInstallation of Krones filling Triblock
2012LauretanaItalyInstallation of complete Krones bottling line
2011NereaMacerataMacerataItalyInstallation of complete PET Krones line
2011SpumadorLomazzoComoItalyInstallation of Krones 160 tap filler
2010GaudianelloItalyInstallation of Krones line
2010LattesanoRomaRomaItalyInstallation of Krones milk filling line




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